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Meet Troy Thomas

A graduate of Joplin High School in 1988. Troy is no stranger to the area. He went on to Oklahoma State University and graduated with a degree in Graphic Arts. Troy has owned his first business in the 4- State area, Troy's Lawn and Landscape for over 30 years. He has operated this business since he was 13yrs old. Troy was employed with United Parcel Service for 25 years, and he retired early in 2019 to further his mission of working towards his true dream, leading people 

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My Journey

My Journey started five years ago. This journey of self-discovery has led me towards self-awareness and to learn more of my own self-identity. On this adventure, I've discovered that patterns and habits that I was once addicted to, no longer worked and I was pushed into discovering new ones. The shedding of emotional wounds and replacing them with new ways of thinking. Those new ways of thinking, new ways of handling things, and new ways of coping created a new version of ME.  My New creative mind gave me a renewed emotional way of dealing with life and a new mindset,  That I can't wait to bring forth to the world.

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